An acrobatics troupe?fromXishuiCounty,Hubei Province,won the silver prizewith original actFeather Dreams - Aerial Silk Duo?at thefirst Moscow Nikulin International Circus Festival?held from September 8 to 10 in Russia.

A total of 32 performances from 15 countries were staged during theMoscow Nikulin International Circus Festival. Two Chinese acrobatic troupes, namely, Xishui County Acrobatic Troupeand Guizhou Provincial Acrobatic Troupe, participated the festival.

Founded in 1954,Xishui County Acrobatic Troupe is the only county-level acrobatic troupein Hubei Province.In 2009, Xishui acrobatics was listedamongthe?provincial?intangible?cultural?heritage. The acrobatics troupe has performed in14 countriesincluding the United States, South Koreaand Finland.( by Zhang Yawei)